Director/Writer Robert Resto of Restro Films will continue filming his prodigy ” Z Dead End” in 2022. Robert Resto is a producer and actor, known for The Brain Hunter (2013), Z Dead End and Brain Hunter: New Breed (2022).

This Epic one of a kind Zombie story takes place on July 4th, 2015 and the world is ending without any warning. Bodies begin dropping from the sky colliding with the ground only to rise once more.The bodies are swiftly determined to be zombies, and they’ve invaded earth. No one knows why the zombies have arrived. Except for a mysterious little girl named Emily Sullivan. As humanity continues to fall at the hands of these monsters. A few people are determined to survive the invasion. Deputy Betsy Milford from Clear Creek County is the first to encounter little Emily as she fends off zombies to protect her. Only for little Emily to eerily flee from her. Against the odds the town’s long-time Sheriff Miller teams up with Steel, a bank robber to fend off the undead on a roadside outside of town. While Jerry Henson the goofy Farmer relies on instincts to slash down the undead. A cooky Dr. Haywood investigates the cause of the bizarre attack. As these survivors brave the storm of bodies. General Ewell the commander of a special space program rolls into town with his team of Black opp Agents, Agent Summa, a skilled Samurai who will change the course of their Existence.

Kane Hodder is portraying “Sheriff Miller” in this Zombie feature. Kane Hodder is best known for his role as horror icon Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988), Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday(1993), and Jason X (2001). He is also known for his role as the deformed serial killer Victor Crowley in Hatchet (2006), Hatchet II (2010), and Hatchet III (2013).

Felissa Rose is excited to be playing “Deputy Milford”. At the lucky age of 13, she landed the role of Angela in the cult film Sleepaway Camp (1983). At the age of 17, she applied for early admission to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and was admitted that fall. Attending The Lee Strasberg institute, she began formal training as a serious actress. Performing in plays around Manhattan put her hard work to the test. Felissa played Denise Savage in Savage in “Limbo,” Karen in “Phone Sex,” Renée in David Henry Hwang‘s “M.Butterfly,” Willie in “This Property is Condemned,” Desdemona in William Shakespeare‘s “Othello,” and many more. Film work includes Woody Allen‘s Another Woman (1988), Pain and Suffering, The Night We Never Met (1993), and MTV’s The Party Phone Series opposite Adam Sandler. She is currently pursuing TV and film work.

Dave Sheridan’s character “Jerry Henson” is just as funny as he is in person. Sheridan is credited with introducing the reality series to the MTV audience with Buzzkill (1996), a show that featured three slacker buddies staging elaborate pranks and catching it all on video. Dave began his career interning at Saturday Night Live (1975). From there, he entered Chicago’s famed comedy Mecca, The Second City, where he wrote, directed and produced Dave Sheridan’s America, a multimedia stage show. You might also know him as “Doofy” from Scary Movie.

John Fiore does a wonderful job at “General Ewell”. Fiore is an actor and producer, known for Meet the Mobsters (2005), Patriots Day (2016) and Person of Interest (2011). He most recently played Chief Arena in the highly acclaimed Chappaquiddick. He is best known for his work as “Gigi Cestone” on HBO’s Sopranos, Det Profacci on Law and Order, Alphonse Nozzoli on Showtime’s Brotherhood and Vinnie Salerno on Guiding Light.

Robert Lasardo’s character “Steel” plays a bank robber. He began his career studying at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City, before going on to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. He is best known for his portrayal of Escobar Gallardo on the FX hit series Nip/Tuck. He has also appeared in the Warner Brothers film The Mule, playing opposite Clint Eastwood.


Our Special Effects Makeup Artist Joe Castro has extensive experience in the horror world. He began his career at age 15 when he was hired to create special effects make-up for a PBS affiliate and graduated to writing and directing his own feature films, in the 80’s, when his parents invested in his career and bought him a portable VHS camera. Joe has won over 46 awards in producing, directing, and creating special effects. Since teaming with his partner, Steven Escobar, Castro has Produced, Written & Directed 16 feature films.



Z Dead End is Produced by Robert Resto, Steven Rears, Steven Escobar, Bill Diamond, Maritza Brikisak & Michelle DiBernardo.

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 Photos provided by Douglas Ferguson and Scott Snell of SDS Imagery.

Z Dead End Concept Trailer

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