Well most people have now gotten 3 stimulus payments. People have been able to stay on unemployment over a year, getting more then double what they normally would. And people have been allowed to not pay their rent. And there is now talk about a 4th stimulus payment. Enough is enough-it is time to make people go back to work! There I said it-make people go back to work! Oh my God how terrible for me to say this. To say people should be working and not taking handouts from the government? What the heck is wrong with me!? I am such a terrible person! How dare me suggest people should be working for their money! How dare me suggest people should pay rent or be evicted! I will say yet another terrible thing-the Corona Virus is no more, it is over! It is now in the same category as the flu or foot fungus. Take an aspirin and get over it, open everything up and get back to every day life. The government had their fun, they controlled our lives with no over sight for over a year, it is time to give us back our rights and let us go about our life as we wish. People can get the vaccine if they want or not get it, what ever they choose. In the last year the government has created a debt that will take generations to pay back. Inflation will be exploding soon. You can not keep spending money that you do not have. The sad part is people get use to getting hand outs. It becomes an addiction. Forget about drugs and alcohol the government has gotten the people addicted to free money. As soon as they get one payment they start asking “When are we getting our next payment?” Change is coming and it will not be pretty. When you have gotten people addicted to something bad things happen when you start taking it away. But our elected officials, that have never been know to have much of a back bone, are going to have to step forward and just take the free money away-rip the band aid off as they say. It may mean a good number of people in the government now will not be reelected, but it has to happen. Everyone knows that this has to end-both Democrats & Republicans quietly admit we are at the end of the line for free money. They just can not figure out a way to take the free money away without making their voting base mad. You see everything a politician does is based on trying to stay in power. They say publicly that they are looking out for the best interest of the people-but everyone who is honest knows everything politicans do is done in an attempt to stay in power. In the next few months the free money will dry up-it just has to. So before you start spending that 4th stimulus payment that is not going to be coming, tighten your budget and get back to work. Yes maybe you will even have to get two jobs to make ends meet in the next year. But it has to be done. Because no Virginia there is no Santa Claus-there is no more free money coming!