Our country has two main political parties-Democrat & Republican. Each would like to make you think they are different then the other. Put the reality of it is that both are exactly the same. Both parties want control and will do anything to get it. They spin every issue to suit their purpose. When Bill Clinton was President the Republicans wanted you to think he should be removed from office for having an affair with an intern. The Democrats wanted you think it was no big deal and not an Impeachable offense. Recently the Democrats wanted you think every single thing President Trump did was Impeachable, while the Republicans were just the opposite. And the main stream media is no help. If you turn CNN you think the President is the worst thing since Hitler. If you turn Fox you think the President is the best thing since the Rubix Cube. And now that Biden is in office it will all reverse and CNN will have nothing but good things to say about the President and Fox will only say bad things about him. So with all of this double standard who is right? What is the actual truth? Well the answer is there is no truth and no one is right. They all are lying. They all just want to move their view points to you so you will vote their way. In getting you to vote their way they hope to move their agenda. For some the agenda is getting laws passed to help “their people”. For others their agenda is more underhanded-some just want to pass laws that will help the companies they have investments in or have been paid to lobby for. Everyone in politics has an agenda. Don’t ever believe that anyone in Washington ran for office to do good things for their country. They did it for the power, the control and yes for the money. Think about it-someone is Congress makes about $175,000. But yet some of these people in Congress have 2 and 3 homes. How do you think they got them? From rolling change and returning their soda bottles? I don’t think so. And sadly, the very few (and there are very few) that actually ran for Congress to do good things quickly get swallowed up by the Washington world. Because in Washington if you don’t become one of them you can’t be one of them. They slap you on the rear and send you home.

And do not ever think that this is something new. We like to put our founding fathers up on a shelf and make them out to be these great men. And yes they were great men but they were no different then the people we have in Washington today. They were business people wanting to make money and to control their fortunes. They would have never sent England packing if their wallets were not being hurt. They didn’t have any grand plan to make the world a better place-they were elitist just like the people in Washington are today.

So with all of this being said how can Washington be changed? Well the simple answer is-IT CAN’T BE CHANGED! It is just to broken. We need to cast our vote, walk out of the voting booth and then forget it. We need to turn off the main stream media and stop watching all of the political talking heads. We need to go about our day to day activities and not worry about what Washington is doing. They are going to do what they want no matter if we like it or not. We need to stop losing sleep and losing friends over politics. It just is not worth it.

So the next time you are turning the channel around and feel like turning CNN or Fox or CNBC to see what is happening in Washington, just remember this-METV now shows the old Bugs Bunny Cartoons. Turn that channel-your time will be better spent.

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