I am always amazed at how people celebrate the New Year. People act like everything is going to change. The minute the clock strikes midnight people act like all of their bills will be paid, any illness will disappear, they will get a better job, their kids will do better in school and their marriage will be better…and on….and on. The fact is nothing will change. A new year is just a random day we mark on the calendar as a new start. In fact some cultures throughout history have celebrated New Years during different times of the year. The New Year is just in our minds-with a little help from the moving planets giving us the false sense of a new start.

I don’t celebrate New Years-I never have. Its a stupid holiday. 2020 is over and 2021 is here-and nothing will change. The government will still mishandle the Corona Virus. Your wife will still be cheating on you. Your kids will still be stupid. And the people in Washington will still be dishonest morans taking away our freedom little by little.

No Virginia there is no New Year!

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