I remember when I was growing up if you wanted to get the news you had to wait until the evening news came on. At 6pm the local news came on for a half hour and then at 6:30 the world news came on. Most people watched CBS with Walter Cronkite and then when he retired it was Dan Rather. The other networks had evening news but very few people watched those networks for the news. They had a couple morning shows like the Today’s Show but that was more human interest then real hard news.

Now today you have 24 hour news networks like CNN, FOX & CNBC. Some people don’t realize how the 24 hour news networks got started. It all started back when the American hostages were taken by Iran. The networks stayed on all night (or most of the night) and they realized there were actually a lot of people up late watching TV. Ted Turner came in and started CNN. CNN got really big when the first Iraq war started. They were on 24/7 reporting on a war that we would have had to wait until 6:30 each night to hear about. The face of news was changed forever-and in my opinion not changed for the good.

The 24 hour news networks remind me of a child that has to much time on their hands. Any parent will tell you that if they let their child have to much free time they will end up getting in trouble. That is the way the 24 hour news networks have become. They never report on real news they just sit there with a bunch of talking heads giving their opinions on the newest special interest topic. And none of the 24 hour news networks are any better then the rest. If you watch CNN you think President Trump has one foot about to be impeached and the other foot about to resign. If you turn Fox you think the White House has a rainbow in the frontyard and a unicorn in the backyard. No one on the 24 hours news networks are actually reporters. I am sorry but Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and Van Jones are far from news reporters. They are talking heads advocating for the current cause they want to move. That is not news!

When I went to college for Broadcasting at Herkimer County Community College in Upstate NY I had to take a class called Intro To Broadcasting. Taught by Kalman Socolof, day 1 page 1 said “The media are gate keepers of information, and as gate keepers the media must remain impartial so the public can come to their own conclusion based on the facts.” Do you think the talking heads on the 24 hour news networks care about you, the public, coming to your own conclusion? Absolutely not! They want you to think like them. In the years before the 24 hour news network the news did not have time to be a talking head advocating for a cause-they were worried about one thing, giving the public the news so they would be informed. No hidden agenda, no hidden cause-just the facts!

A lot of people ask me why here at News Time Global we don’t report more on things like Politics, Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights and more. The answer is simple-if you want to hear about those issues just turn to CNN, FOX or CNBC and you will hear all you want or need. Here we talk about things people won’t hear about on the 24 hour news networks. Real news! And we give you the facts and only the facts so you can decide things for yourself. So the next time you are watching CNN or FOX just remember-those guys your watching are just kids with to much time on their hands. Just be the parent, shake your head and come to your own conclusion.

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