On May 17 1984 2 year old Sean Evans went missing from his front yard on Water Street in Watertown New York. He was outside playing when his mother went inside to answer a telephone call. Sean was in the driveway with a ball and his brother Steven, slightly younger, was in a playpen. When she returned about 5 minutes later, her blonde-haired, green-eyed Sean had disappeared. She notified city police at 5:49 p.m. and provided a description of what Sean was wearing: a yellow jacket, red pants and blue sneakers with white stripes. Also, Sean had a birthmark, 1 inch in length, between his shoulder blades, and a scar and another birthmark on his forehead. At the time it was thought that the child had went down to the water and drowned but no body was ever found. Sean’s mother said the child was afraid of the water and would not have went near the river. In addition, Sean’s mother claims that in the days leading up to the disappearance there was a vehicle that kept parking up the street from their house. Today Sean would be 38 years old. Anyone with any leads should contact the Watertown New York Police Department.

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