“ApolloKidd” is a personal friend of mine and a true inspiration. This man has been through so much but has no intentions of giving up. 
John “ApolloKidd” Thompson was born March 5th, 1989 in Newark, NJ. (Bro Yahya) John Thompson III his father started training him in the gym at the age of 4. Not being able to compete yet ApolloKidd often compared himself to the adults in the gym. Implying to Bro Yahya once older he will be able to outbox them.

     Always, competitive ApolloKidd went on to win the “06” Diamonds Gloves tournament, “07” & “10” Golden Gloves tournament. As an amateur, his record ended w/ a whopping 89 wins and 22 losses in which was 2010. He then speaks to Bro Yahya about turning pro & his father/trainer takes the initiative of finding him a promoter. Entrusting him w/ his son on 6/22/11 ApolloKidd has his pro debut in his hometown of Newark, NJ. 
     Newark native John “ApolloKidd” Thompson stopped at nothing to better himself & get into the position of becoming the champion of the world. On Jan.17th 2014 he suffered his first lost but vowed not to be defeated. Following a 3 month break from boxing, he finds himself back in the gym getting ready for that step up the ladder. A few weeks prior to his upcoming fight he was in a hit & run accident in which he was thrown off of his motorcycle. Cutting his left forearm severely but not crippling Newark’s best-kept secret, John began to strengthen that arm and was back in the gym.

           Recovering from a lost & the accident ApolloKidd had to make a decision. If he wanted to box & become the world champion it was all or nothing. ApolloKidd stayed in fight shape just in case an opportunity presented itself. He then pursued to better himself in the ring. Nonetheless, he was given a short notice opportunity but a valuable opportunity. Receiving a call that he could box in the Boxcino tournament. Not until he was on his way to the weigh-in did he get a call that he was able to box in the Boxcino tournament. With 1 days notice, this opportunist took advantage of the situation. Beating 3 outstanding opponents. Living by his words,” You can only fail in life if you give up.”

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