To start the evening we spoke with Mick Strawn who has a podcast called, “Dream Warriors Review” which reviews horror & modern films with Kurt Thomas and another one named “Rabbit Hole” all about Mick’s career. Strawn was a fascinating individual and very helpful too. He trained Christian Moore on the Tascam which Mick Strawn uses himself. Mick was the production Designer on Nightmare of Elm Street 3 and 4. He has designed effects, sets, and whole shows all the way from 1982 until 13th Vengeance. He has also written the book “Behind The Screams” and it is all about behind the scenes on Nightmare on Elm Street 4. Follow Mick at MickStrawn.

Photo by Michelle DiBernardo

Dave who is Freddy Krugar Cosplayer of Worchester was next. He enjoys going to conventions for the horror fans for photo ops. You can follow him on Instagram: NightmareofWorchester.

Photo by Michelle DiBernardo

Mimi Craven tells us she was attending in support of Amanda Wyss and Heather Langenkamp for “A Nightmare on Elm Street” reunions. She hasn’t seen them in three years. Mimi doesn’t do many conventions but says New Jersey rocks. Craven has now retired as a lot of roles she was doing were blonde, big tits, sexy legs. Mimi admits she had worked a lot and was very lucky. Now a photographer for her own company, Mimi Craven Photography where she has shot a lot of movie posters, celebrities for magazines but she enjoys personal work now.  Mimi who hangs out with their dogs, gardens says she’s at the Autumn of her life and been choosing to be a little more solitary. 

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Heather Langenkamp portrayed the character, Nancy Thompson Nightmare on Elm St & 3 and Wes Craven’s new Nightmare having a blast with Amanda Wyss & Mimi Craven. She goes on stating how she’s never been to NJ horror con and so it’s so fun so far. The movie “Portal” which will be premiering online. She hopes her fans will tune in and download. You can follow Heather at her website IamNancy.Info where you can find news about where she is going, buy pictures and stay up to date. 

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Amanda Wyss first time in Atlantic City. Wyss currently has a Western coming out November 1, 2019 “Badland”, February 2020 “The Orchard”, new horror on Amazon Prime. Amanda was super excited to be there with Heather and Diane having a good time. She’s on Twitter: _AmandaWyss  Instagram: AmandaWyss and an open Facebook at Amanda Wyss. She is grateful for all the horror fans and says it’d be really meaningful if they follow her new projects.

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Kimberley Kates runs a production and distribution company out in Los Angeles. Says it is different on the other side but she does act in some of the projects. In August she directed a pilot presentation for her first feature film that she’s very excited about. It is a Christmas movie with children and a dog. She loved it. Produced a horror film. She did travel in film in Michigan, “Mosquito-Man” due to the tax incentives which she goes on about how it really brings business to the states and how all industries are affected hotels, beverages, food, transportation, electric clothes, retail, everybody, everything, and all facets. Kate’s was really sad when the tax incentive left Michigan, as she would have filmed another movie there. We did let her know about Central New York’s tax incentive ;-). 

Photo by Christian Moore

Edward Furlong jokes with us stating he came to New Jersey horror gone because he needs the money. He likes to come out and get his ego stroked while meeting the fans. Recently, he just finished this “Terminator Dark Fate” and working on himself. Eddie wants his fans to petition to put himself in some movies. 

Jeremy London jokes that he is being held hostage at Nj Horror Con. He tells us a really angry midget is holding one of his legs under the table. London goes on that it is a bizarre setting but very fitting and he likes it. Currently, he is working on directing a movie in the spring that is writing which will film in Mississippi or Louisiana. Also he has started an art company, along with writing a children’s book that is about to hit Barnes & Noble. Follow him at SirJeremyLondon.

Philip Friedman was there for the wonderful fans signing autographs. He was on Jimmy Kimmel doing a little sketch a couple of weeks ago played an Israelian ambassador. In terms of horror “Shadow of the Blair Witch”.  Friedman goes on talking about being on many TV shows and guest appearances. “7th Heaven” was one of the first shows he did. Philip doesn’t do a whole lot with social media but if they find him on Facebook he will typically friend someone back. 

Terry Kiser from “The Weekend at Bernie’s”, “Three’s Company”, “Friday the 13th” had never been to Atlantic City before which is kinda crazy because he lived in New York City for so many years. Kiser goes on stating that he has done over a hundred 150 projects throughout the years. He is so happy to be an actor not work for IBM. He is currently writing a series called “In Between”. 

Caseen Gaines who is an author of amazing pop culture books. “Inside Pee Wees Playhouse”,  “The Dark Crystal”, “The Ultimate Visual History” are some of his current books. You can purchase all of his books at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Follow him at

Craig Sheffer currently just produced and starred in “Widows Point” (2019). Ready to start shopping it. The artistic part is done now time to see if it will make any money. Looking forward to moving back to Los Angeles and getting back to work. 

Carel Struycken never minded being typecast from his role in The Addams Family. He is not a social media man but does have his own website

Fiona Dourif was enjoying meeting fans and is on Instagram: FionaDourif. In January she will be on a show on Amazon “Utopia” and in the new Christopher Nolan movie premiering net summer 2020. 

Don Shanks from Halloween 5 was there for the 30th anniversary. Shanks is currently working on some smaller projects.

Michael Winslow was there trying to cause some trouble talking about scary-oke on Saturday night. He just finished on Access TV, “The Very Best of the Seventies” with a bunch of airplane movies and muscle cars. Winslow is in 3 out of the 10 episodes. If you are looking for normal you will not find it on Michael’s Channel. Michael Winslow Tv. 

Photo by Michelle DiBernardo

“Friday The 13th Vengeance” premiered on September 13th and then again at NJ Horror Con. The film was filmed in NJ. Follow the Friday the 13th Vengeance Fan Page. 

Rob Mello has some films in Post currently staying creative. Mello says he is on Instagram but currently banned on Facebook but is trying to be on his best behavior.

Barbie Chula is a cosplayer/model/graphic designer/makeup who turns Chameleon into a lot of characters. She was enjoying scaring people as many people thought she was fake. Feel free to follow her handle on Instagram: BarbieChulaNYC. 

Felix Silla was there meeting old fans and new friends.  A lot of the fans are surprised seeing him outside of the costume from Spaceballs or the hair from it in The Addams Family. Silla enjoys doing conventions around the country signing autographs. Felix is on Facebook. 

J.J. Cohen jokes that he is selling hot dogs in the hallway at the con. He goes on the state that he’s signing autographs selling movie memorabilia and doing a lot of dancing. JJ seems to be quite the comedian as he jokes he is currently working on trying to get through the interview with us. Follow him at J.J. Cohen where he has 17,000 fans. 

George Wyner was excited to tell us but everybody was coming in with smiles and that it has been quite an experience that New Jersey horror con. Currently, George was asked to do a show in Dallas which he’s not sure if he is going to participate in as there was a show he was asked to do in Toronto as well. So his agent and he will have to discuss what is better for him. Both are 30-minute sitcoms. Cameo is the new thing he is using, find George there. 

Photo by Christian Moore

Marion Ramsey states what a fabulous convention the New Jersey horror con is And that if you’re anybody you would be at this event and she thinks she’s somebody which she is. Ramsey has been in Atlantic City before as she had a show at the Tropicana years ago. She is currently working on her own comedy show for television. Also, she is writing some stuff to get a major deal to play in the playground of success with all of her friends together. Ramsey goes on and continues to joke about finding a rich man and sharing him with me. 

Leslie Easterbrook has been New Jersey horror con before years ago and she absolutely loves Atlantic City. She went on to say there’s something special about the weather in New Jersey and that it can drop in a dime. She had a roommate in college in NJ. 

P.J. Soles has some movies that she worked on that are coming out one being “Candy Corn”.  She is very excited that it is available on VOD and Bluray. “ Hanukkah” is a slasher movie which was starring Sid who recently passed who she loved and adored working with on “Devil Rejects”.  Last year she did 3 movies with up-and-coming directors who grew up to her movies and now they’re in a position to hire her. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook at PJ Soles.

Photo by Michelle DiBernardo

Danny Cooksey is currently doing voice-overs for cartoons/animations for trees dogs whatever funny noises they need. He has two kids with a home voice over studio. Technology is nice he gets to stay at home. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at Danny Cooksey.


James Lorinz from “Frankenhooker” (1990) was there with Patty Mullen. When is easing back into acting as he took time off to deal with family home life?  He now has a manager. Now he is an older gentleman. Craven has a little small part and the “Irishman”. James filmed a horror film called “The Stay” last year that should be coming out this year, he portrayed the owner of a hotel. Lorinz does go on to mention Ted Steakhouse and how they are going out of business. Those $15 steaks are making people very sad. Also mentioned she was very happy to be involved with Ryan Scott Weber’s Productions. 

Kurt Angle is now producing for WWE and some other small projects but mainly right now he is currently doing appearances. My business partner at Reality Star Boxing wanted me to say “You Suck” to him Follow him on Instagram at The Real Kurt Angle.  Below Kurt is pictured with “The Boogeyman”.

Photo by Michelle DiBernardo

Neil Cohen is an author of  “Business is Dead” based on fandom. All about them launching their first fan-based business. He started his first book 7 years ago, self-published it, sold it and sent his sales numbers in. Cohen has spent the past 5 years promoting so many books to the past 5 years. The guidance he’s been given over the past 5 years he’s put into the book. His goal is that somebody will pick up his books and turn them into movies or tv series. All of his books can be purchased on or Cohen’s website is

Carmen Electra was showing love and seeing her fans at The Showboat, taking photos and having a good time. She also was being a fan at New Jersey Horror Con Film Festival with Peter Criss and got his autograph. Carmen thought it was such a good time with everyone there to appreciate each other and share what they have done. So much to look at, so many costumes and horror films. Electra has a bunch of projects in the works that she is really excited about. One of them is a secret project but if you follow her on Instagram you will know soon. It should be happening in January or February of 2020. She hints that she went to school. Carmen is also working with Tubi, it’s like Netflix. She’s very excited to have partnered up with them. They just shot a commercial for it. Carmen is looking forward to hosting a really fun Halloween party in Florida. Electra is staying busy doing the usual stuff for reading scripts and negotiating a really cool horror film.  Follow her on her Instagram: CarmenElectra. 

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