After a long struggle we are back at it. The company we had been using for hosting our websites-I am nice enough not to say their name right here-kept emailing us saying we were using to many resources. They even took our daughter news website down with no notice or warning. We finally found a much better company to host our websites. News Time Global is now back live with a whole different layout and with what we think is a much easier to use website. We have also changed how we do business a little bit. We will no longer have any one sided political stories. You can get all of the left sided news on CNN or right sided news on FOX. We want to be the news outlet you come to when your sick of the fake news and want real news that in most cases you will not see in the main stream media. As gate keepers of information main stream media have filled Americans with news they want them to hear. But as gate keepers here at News Time Global we want you to think and decide for yourself. We want to give you hard to find news-in one section you might find the local police blotter for a small police department in Upstate NY and in another section you might find news about a storm that hits the Rockies. We hope you enjoy our new format, new policy and new attitude. Welcome to News Time Global-NEVER ONE SIDED FAKE NEWS!

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