My New Dream Girl

Well it has been a while since I posted. I guess after finding out my dream girl was having a baby by another guy I just wasn’t in the mood to post. But I’m back folks! So I have a new dream girl. It is a bit of a long story so sit back,pour a cup of coffee and relax. So I have been stalking the Facebook page of the bar I use to work at-ya know how a single guys does when he has no life. I saw some pictures of a beautiful girl that bartends there. Blond hair,beautiful smile…just perfect. Of course I figured I would never have a chance with her-specially since she is about 20 years younger. But a guy can dream right? So a couple days ago I was looking around seekingarrangements to see if anyone new had signed up and who do I see? Yep that girl! We will call her…Tanya…So I figured hey send her a message who knows what might happen. She sent me a message back and we sent a few more messages back and forth. I gave her my number and SURPRISE she sends me a text! So we have been talking for a couple days now. She even says she likes older guys and not the young military guys that come into the bar where she works. We are planning on meeting this week. So we will see what happens…I have my fingers crossed and won’t be surprised if she disappears before we actually meet….but I might just actually have found my future wife-or she may just “ghost” on me like so many flakey girls do. Stay tuned..maybe the Single Guy won’t be single much longer!

Ayden Activation Group-A Guerilla In Marketing

This month we give our thumbs up to a business you might never have heard of but probable have seen their promotions. This month we salute Ayden Activation Group.
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War Is Coming

People don’t want to admit it but war is coming between the U.S. and North Korea. North Korea is getting close to having a long range Nuclear missile that can hit the U.S. Americans don’t have the stomach for war but they need to get it and fast. If North Korea is allowed to get a missile that can strike our home land the party is over. The war is not going to be pretty. Lots of people in South Korea will die and so will American soldiers. But war is the only way to stop the mad man in the North. The left wing Liberals,liberal media and lots of gutless Americans think that we can talk to the leader of North Korea to get him to stop his Nuclear and missle programs. But that just won’t work. The more we talk the more he keeps building. He now has a million man army. Now to be honest-again something the Liberal media will not tell you-a lot of those million soldiers in the North are just teenagers. When the real fighting starts a lot of that million is going to run home to mommie. Right now the boys think they are cool in a uniform fighting for their country,but when the bullets and bombs fly the coolness will end and they will drop their arms and run. But there will still be soldiers that fight. The war will start shortly with an air campaign. Once our bombings of the North start then North Korea will start bombing South Korea. Then China will get in as well as Japan. If we are lucky the Russians might sit this one out. They have no real interest in that area of the world and they know they have their hands full in Syria. The war will be short but bloody. And President Trump will carry the blame,when he is actually doing what Presidents before him should have done. They should have stopped North Korea long ago before they were strong enough to give us a battle. But yes America war is coming-so get ready for it!

Why Obama Care Didn’t Work

President Trump is now in the process of repealing and replacing Obama Care. Everyone knows Obama Care didn’t work,even if they do not want to admit it. What a lot of people don’t know is why it didn’t work. It is very simple-Obama Care didn’t work because to many people were forced to buy insurance. The insurance industry is a business,and as a business they need to make a profit. Insurance companies rely on more people having insurance then actually use it. But when Obama Care mandated that everyone had to buy insurance people instantly wanted to use the insurance they purchased. Before,when people didn’t have insurance if they got a cold they stayed in bed,had chicken soup and recovered in a few days. Now with people being forced to buy insurance you can bet as soon as they even got the sniffles they went to the doctor. Before Obama Care people bought insurance for emergencies. The people who had insurance knew that some day they would need it for a major illness,but did not use it for the slightest ailment. The new health care plan that has been introduced does not have a mandate. If they keep that then this new health care law should do fine.

My Dream Girl’s Baby Daddy Revealed

Well after a month of stalking my dream girl’s facebook page I finally found out who her baby daddy is. To get you up to speed I was shocked a while back to find out my dream girl was pregnant. I had never even seen her post anything about a man in her life. Well after a long wait she finally tagged her baby daddy to a post about the baby. I of course had to click on his name and check him out. And of course he is a low ranking military guy. Now don’t get me wrong I respect our military. But in this area most of the military guys are not the most upstanding people. And this guy is no different. So prediction-in a year or two my dream girl will be a single mother,left by her baby daddy when he got transfered or cheated on her with some other flavor of the week. But hey that is the life of a single guy-watching the hot girls fall for the cool guys that don’t deserve them and will treat them like crap.

My Dream Girl Is Pregnant

I was stalking around Facebook the other night checking out different posts by people like I do when I am bored. I checked out the Facebook page of a girl I have always had a huge crush on. This girl is beautiful. My total dream girl. What did I see? A post saying she was pregnant. That’s right my dream girl is pregnant. Now don’t get me wrong I always knew and know I would never have a chance with this girl. But what surprised me is that she never talks about a man in her life. She never posts pictures of her and a guy. And in fact I always thought maybe she was a lesbian because she always posted pictures of her and her hot model girlfriends. So now I am wondering who is the father? Is she dating someone and just not posting it? Even in the comments on her posts about being pregnant everyone just congratulates her. They never mention a boyfriend. Did she get pregnant by having a drunken one night stand? Did she intentionally get pregnant even though she says it was a surprise finding out she was pregnant? I mean no offense but there is so much birth control around if a girl gets pregnant she is either really stupid or wanted to get pregnant. And I have never considered this girl to be stupid. And who is the guy and what is he like? Is he some military guy from Fort Drum? Is he a professional? Is he unemployed? And does he ever know or care he is going to have a baby with this goddess? So many unanswered questions! One thing for sure,I will be checking out her page a lot to see if I can get an idea of exactly who this lucky guy is. This guy that knocked up my dream girl!

Hollywood Is Out Of Touch

After watching and listing to some of the actors and actresses in the past week talk about President Trump I now know that Hollywood is out of touch with main stream America. Hollywood just can not deal with the fact that their views do not reflect American values. What is worst is Hollywood can not deal with losing the election. Clinton did in deed win the popular vote. But what people don’t want to admit is Clinton won that popular vote by winning NYC and the LA/Hollywood areas. A lot of people live in these areas but their values are not the values of main stream America. Clinton did not win the working voters in Michigan or the farmers in the Midwest. She did not win the Southern voters in the bible belt. Clinton did not win the retired population in Florida. The protesters this past week are showing this generations true colors. A generation that has always gotten a trophy even if they finished last. A generation that has always gotten their own way-from Gay rights to Womens equal rights. A generation that has been able to work less because the government will give them a hand out to make ends meet. Well Hollywood and NYC better buckle their seat belts because the next four years and beyond are going to be a very bumpy ride. President Trump is in the White House and main stream America has taken back their country!

President Trump In 7 More Days

Well its been a long road but in just 7 more days we will have a new President. The last year and a half has been up and down. For a while I actually had my doubts if Trump could do it. But he did! And it is pretty obvious Clinton supporters thought for a long time that she would be the next President. Hotels in the Washinton DC area reported a huge number of cancellations because Clinton supporters had already made reservations planning to come to see their candidate take the Oath of Office. Now most hotels are booked back up again with Trump supporters. To get a room in the Washington DC area next week it will cost over $1,000 a night. Who knows what the next four years will be like. Maybe Trump will be a great President and maybe he won’t. I am certain of one thing however,the liberal media is going crazy trying to figure out what happened. They still will not admit that they were out of touch with main stream America. The liberal media thought what they believed was what America believed. Trump hit a nerve with Americans. When I say Americans I am not talking about people in NYC or LA. Those people do not reflect true Americans. True Americans think the government has gotten out of control,that there is to much interference in our lives and special interest groups like the Gaye and Lesbian groups have gotten way to much attention over the past 8 years. America took their country back and next week their leader will take control of a country wanting and needing a change. God Bless President Trump and God Bless the USA!

2017-And Still Single

Well we are almost a month into 2017-and I am still single. I wonder if Miss Right will find me this year. She seemed like she was in hiding during 2016. I mean I realize a lot of things happened in 2016 and she was probable busy. My Miss Right was probable busy helping Trump get elected President. Miss Right most likely was working with Obama to fight this Isis problem. Miss Right was obviously tied up helping my Cowboys win the NFC East. Oh and I am totally sure my Miss Right was completely taken up with helping to stop this whole Global Warming situation. But come on enough is enough….come on Miss Right…put all this dam community service aside and find me already!

Welcome To The Trump Revolution

History was made yesterday. Donald J. Trump stuck his middle finger in the air and gave the country and the world the biggest F…You in history. Hillary Clinton thought she was meant to be President. But she didn’t think she was meant to be President because the people neeeded her. She thought she was owed the White House. All of the polls said Clinton would run away with the election. But the people stood up and said enough is enough. It was time to take the country back from the special interest groups and the minorities that have had far to much power in our government in the past couple decades. Historians like to talke about the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s. Welcome to the Trump Revolution. A time when the hard working middle class will have the power. The time when the United States will come first. And a time when we can once again say Merry Christmas without being yelled at for not being politically correct. Tighten your seat beats left wing liberals because the next four years are going to be amazing!

Scam Girls

I never thought I would fall for it-but I did. You see there is a large group of girls on the internet that try to scam guys. They try to get them to send them money with the promises they want to meet but need some help to get by. I always have thought I was smart about all this. When I start talking to a girl off one of the dating websites I always try to look her up to make sure she is real. Well I started texting a girl yesterday off the Seekingarrangement website I have been on for about a year. We were texting back and forth. I searched her number on facebook and found her profile. Everything seemed legit. She said she wanted a long term arrangement with an older guy. We talked until about 5pm. Then she said she was trying to get money for her baby sitter and gas in the car and if I would send her some money. She even said she was sorry she was asking and would pay me back when she got paid next week. So I sent her $50 through Paypal. She said thank you so much. I said your welcome. And that was it. I texted her a few times after that and no response. I sent her a friend request on facebook and she blocked me. I had fallen for it. A scam girl had gotten me! The funny part about the whole thing is she could have gotten way more from me if she had kept talking to me and kept me going. I mean seriously $50 is not much,hell I spent more then that on lunch yesterday. But it’s just the point I got had. But you live and learn. But one thing is for sure-if your on and start talking to a girl with lots of tatoos from Elmira Ny that calls herself Hannah,don’t send her money! You can thank me later for saving you money!

The Race Is Almost Over

In just a few days the 2016 Presidential race will be over. The polls have been bouncing back and forth for the last few weeks but I don’t think any of them are a real picture of who the voters will elect. There is a hidden vote in the country that the main stream media and life time policians do not want to admit exists. Trump has raised a sleeping giant in the American people that are pissed off and won’t take it any more. It is true a majority of voters for Trump are white. But what the main stream media and special interests groups do not want to admit is the white vote is the majority. Blacks and Hispanics are a minority for a reason-there are fewer of them! One thing I know for sure, late Tuesday night,when the results start coming in showing that Trump has won-maybe in a landslide, there is going to be panic and shock. The media is going to be shocked that they really don’t have any power to influence the American people and life time policians will be in panic that their days of life time service in Washington are numbered. Trump has promised he will impose term limits on Congress. If the current people in Congress don’t pass the bill Trump introduces they will be out in their next election. If they do pass the law to impose term limits they will be out soon anyway. Change is in the air in the United States. Christmas comes to the American people on November 8th this year. And yes Virginia Santa Claus does exist,and his name is Donald Trump!

Christmas Comes In October Now

It always seems people start thinking about the holidays earlier and earlier every year. The cable networks like Hallmark are the worst. They have non stop holiday programing starting in October. Now don’t get me wrong I love holiday movies. But what ever happened to the days when you had to make sure you caught the movie when it came on because you would not see it again until next year. Today the cable networks play the holiday movies over and over and over each year. It use to be you looked forward to watching the Rudolph classic on CBS. But now if you miss it once just relax because it will be on again. And if you don’t miss it when its actually on you can go to the network’s website and watch the movie when ever you want. It’s not really the same. It was the excitement of waiting for the movie or cartoon to come on,and knowing you wouldn’t see it again until next year. Oh the good old days!

School Is Back In Session

With school back in full swing I start to think about when I was in school at Thousand Islands. I wonder how the education has changed. Back when I was in school the teachers were not that great. I maybe had 3 really great teachers when I was in school. The others were bad to terrible. The best teachers I had were Mrs. McDonald in third grade and Mr. B. in 4th grade.(his name was really Brietenbacher or something like that but none of us could pronounce it so everyone called him Mr. B.) There were a few other good teachers but these two were the best. They always seemed to take interest in what I said. I blame Mr. B. for my interest in the news and current events. We would have a morning news time where we would bring in articles from the paper. Then Mr. B. would give us writing assignments on some of the news stories. I still remember a couple of the stories I had to write papers on. One was on the Russian invastion of Afganistan and the other I remember was a story about when they found some bones at the Alamo. These two teachers I think helped to keep me in school,I honestly believe if it weren’t for these two teachers I would have been lucky to get into high school. Before third grade,in second grade I had a teacher name Miss Gretchen. She was just terrible. Never listened and could care less about about me or many of the other students. I remember everything was fine until the end of the year. Throughout the year my mom would go to school and talk to her and ask her how I was doing. Miss Gretchen always said oh yes he is doing fine. Then the last week of school came and she called my parents to say I was not going to pass and was going to be held back. Well needless to say Hurricane Sandy didn’t make as much noise as my parents. My parents went to school and met with Miss Gretchen and Mr. Guardino the school principal. Mr. Guardino was a big man and everyone was afraid of him. But the fact is he was one of the nicest,kindest and fairest people you could ever meet. He passed away a number of years ago and the elementary is now named after him in Clayton, NY. Well after a long meeting with my parents-I have no clue what was said in the meeting but I always felt a little sorry for Miss Gretchen because I am sure my dad ripped her a new one. Well long story short I passed into third grade. From then on I did decent in school. I was never an A+ student-mainly because I hated to study-but I passed and moved on to highschool and then on to college. I wonder some days if there is at least one really good teacher at Thousand Islands today like Mrs. McDonald or Mr. B. so any students like me will get the attention they need. It just seems that maybe with all of the new requirements in school students like me might be getting lost. I hope once Donald Trump is President things will change and education decisions will go back to the local level and not the state or Washington level. But hey that is just one C students opinion!

Women Are All About Looks-And I Can Prove It

I post personal ads on craigslist always hoping my future wife will finally read one of them. I never get any responses. So I decided to do a test. I posted 2 ads. One ad was basically true-it told my age,looks,that I was a computer geek and a nice guy that knew how to treat a woman. The title said “I’m the nice guy you have been looking for”. The second ad was a lie-I said I was buff with tattoos,looking for girls that could keep up with me and was a total bad boy. I even posted a fake photo of a guy with tats naked in front of the mirror. The title of the ad said “I’m The Bad Boy With Tats Your Parents Warned You About”. I got one response to the ad saying I was a nice guy-and the girl that responded was not even really serious about a relationship. The second ad got so many responses I could not tell you how many it has gotten as of right now. The last count was about 70 responses. I have even gone so far as to send some of the girls responding my number so I could text them and I could test them even more. One girl I have been texting this morning I told her everything bad. That I was on leave from the military for a while because I came in drunk. That my buddies call me yo yo because my rank goes up and down so much. I even told her I am horney and looking to hook up with a girl today-even though she was not free to meet today. Do you know what she said? “Well good luck I don’t want to get in your way,I will have you when I am free next week”. I mean really? If it was reversed a guy would have said so long lol And guys will respond to ads even placed by average girls. Guys don’t look just for the hot girls. But the girls they are all about the looks and attitude. The more buff you are and the worst attitude the more they want you. I guess that’s why my future wife hasn’t emailed me yet. The story of a single guy’s life.

Hillary Clinton’s Failing Health

One thing is for sure-Hillary Clinton has health problems. The main stream media like CNN likes to make it out to be just a story or as they say “unfounded rumors” made up by the right. But the evidence speaks for itself. Fact 1: Clinton is not able to campaign more then a few days a week. Fact 2: Clinton has trouble walking. Fact 3: Clinton wears bulky clothing up to her neck to hide something-probable to hide signs of some medical treatment. Now the Clinton health problems could just be her age or it could be something more serious. Anyone that has had cancer or knows anyone that has had cancer can see some signs that Clinton might have a severe health issue. Look at pictures of Clinton just a year ago and look at a picture of her now. There are clear signs she may be going through chemo treatments. He hair is very very thin. He face is white. In addition-again people who have known anyone going through chemo will attest to this-there are four stages people go through when they are being treated for cancer. First they have trouble walking. They walk slower and more deliberate. Then they start using a cane to help them walk. Then they start using a walker. And finally they are bed ridden. Sadly the treatment for cancer is sometimes as bad as the disease itself,and it quickly shows on the person. There have been stories going around for a while now that Clinton was treated for a brain tumor. But media outlets like CNN do not want to admit this because they feel there is no evidence of it. Well was there evidence of her illegal email server or taking money for favors from donors? No not until stories started to leak!
Does Clinton have cancer? I don’t know-maybe she does and maybe she doesn’t. We won’t know for sure until the leak starts. The Clinton’s are known for keeping secrets and this is no different. But like all of their secrets it will come out soon. One thing is for certain-yes CNN it is a fact-Clinton has health issues!

Next Stop The White House

It became official yesterday-Donald Trump is officially the Republican nominee for President. As the vote was called and Trump got the 1237 votes needed for the nomination you could just hear Jeb Bush,John Kasich and many others crying. The unthinkable had happened. An outsider,non-politician and people’s choice had won. The never Trump group had lost after spending millions and millions trying to stop him. The people have spoken and the words are loud and clear-“We the people are sick and tired and we aren’t taking it anymore!” Change is in the wind and the main stream career politicians know their days are numbered. Like the English in 1776 it will still be some time before the defeated actually admit they are defeated-but like what happened in 1776 that day will come. America is about to take the country back. Special interest groups are about to lose their voice. The days of serving the voters and not the special interest groups will be here soon. There is just one last thing for Donald Trump to do to finish this revolution and turn the page on a new and brighter day for America. Trump must beat Crooked Hillary and win the White House. Start looking over your shoulder Hillary because Trump is coming for you next. If you don’t believe it just ask the 16 people Trump beat in the primary. Like Jeb and John who for months said there was no way Trump would win the nomination. Yes Hillary your days in politics are numbered. Trump is coming…tick..tick…tick…tick…tick….

Why Are Only Ugly Girls On Certain Websites?

If you read my blog on a regularly basis you will know I have tried just about all of the dating sites. I recently found a new one called Meetme. It’s a free site,much like POF,that does not charge you to contact people. So I found this site and became excited because it seemed like a great alternative to POF. I downloaded the app on my new smart phone-and what did I find? Some of the ugliest women I have ever saw. I mean there was not one cute or even half cute girl on the site! I could not and still can not believe it. I mean,there are always some ugly girls on the sites,but there are also always some hot ones. Now don’t get me wrong looks are not everything-but there has to be some attraction! All of the girls on this site look like crack whores! I just can not figure out why there are so many bad looking girls on this site. It can’t be due to the site being free because POF is free and there are attractive girls on there. So I continue on my quest for my dream girl. But I know for sure she is not on Meetme. The problems of the single guy life I guess.

To Busy To Text

The more I have contact with women off dating sites the less I don’t understand them. Recently I have been talking to women that suffer from what I like to call “Busy Disease”. What is that you ask? That is when you text someone and it takes them hours or even days to respond. When they do respond they always say the same thing: “Sorry I was busy and this was the first chance I had to text you back”. I always have to laugh at people like this. How long does it take to respond back to a text to say “Hi” or “I’m good how are you?”?? It takes what 10 seconds at the most? Do you mean to tell me they have not had 10 seconds in a few hours or a day? When someone says they were to busy to text back in a timely manner I know they will never have time or make time for a man in their life. These people you should not walk away from-you should run from! They will always be the one that once you fall for them and ask them if they want to go to dinner or a movie or what ever,they will always say they have to work or are busy or some other lame excuse. These are the people that will never make time for you-even though they always say they have time for a man in their life. These people are either very poor time managers or they just plain think they are more important then other people. I have not done any study on this but I am willing to bet they are also the people that are always late to meetings and appointments. I have stopped calling these people out on the issue,I just stop talking to them. When you call these people out on it they always say the same thing “They have a job or kids or what ever and they don’t have time to sit on their phone all day” The fact is when you text someone you are not asking them to sit on their phone all day or ignore their kids or job. I doubt anyone is as busy as I am but I always make sure I respond to a text in a timely manner. It is just being polite and respectful of the other person. When you don’t text someone back for a long period of time you are basically saying you are a more important person then they are and you will text them back when you have nothing better to do. So ladies if you suffer from “Busy Disease” don’t complain when all you can find are low life guys to date. No self respecting guy is going to accept your lame excuses why you took so long to respond to his text! But hey that is just the opinion of a single guy!

Now We Talk Gun Control Again

After the recent terrorist attack in Orlando people have started talking about gun control again. Just as if we would not have terrorism if we did not have guns. I love hearing people say they don’t want to stop people from having guns to hunt they just want to keep them out of the hands of the bad guys. But what these left wing liberals don’t understand or will not admit is that our second Amendment is not in the Constitution to protect people’s right to kill a deer or rabbit. The second Amendment is in place to allow the people to rise up in arms against an unjust and unfair government. 1776 was so long ago we have forgotten what it is like to have a government over us that does what they want without regard to what the people want. An elected government body can destroy a person’s rights just as easily as a Monarch or a Dictator. We must have guns and have the guts to use them if our government ever gets out of control. It has been over 200 years since we had to use our guns to over throw a government. It may be another 200 years before we need to use our guns to over through our government again. But we need the right to have guns when that day does come. What happened in Orlando and what will probable keep happening was a terrible thing. But it would be even more terrible if we ever forget why we need our guns.

Summer Is Here

Every year about this time I begin to ask myself where have all of the cute girls been. During the fall and winter months around here you never seem to see any really hot girls. But as soon as summer comes the cute girls in the bikinis and skimpy cloths start to come out. Every where you go you see them. But the less attractive girls seem to disappear this time of the year. Maybe its because they don’t want to compete with the girls wearing barely nothing. Maybe they just like the cold weather. Or maybe there is a whole other reason the average guy will never know about. There is one thing for sure-I do love the summer!

$15 An Hour Will Destroy Business

Everyone is talking about a $15 an hour minimum. What no one wants to talk about is how it will destroy business around the country. Think about this-logically and not like a liberal-if someone is currently working at $12 or $13 an hour after moving their way up the pay scale with a company over a number of years are they really going to be alright with making the same as someone who is new with that company? Of course not! So the employee that has been with the company will ask the business for $20 to $30 an hour. So a company will have a decision to make. Do they give the employee that raise or let them go and have all new untrained employees. No matter the decision the company stands to lose money. In addition there are many over night jobs at retail outlets that will be eliminated as a result of a $15 an hour minimum. Businesses like Walmart use their over night shift to stock shelves and do maintenance when no customers are in the store. Those over night shifts don’t make very much direct money from the customers normally. Places like Walmart will just do away with their over night shift and have their day time employees do this work. Which means stores will become messier and more dangerous for shoppers. Think about it-again not like a liberal-when was the last time you saw a scissor lift in the middle of an isle at Walmart? The correct answer is NEVER. Well get ready because if the minimum wage is increased you will be walking around all kinds of store clutter that was always done on the night shift.

Ryan Needs Trump

I love how the media has been talking about how Paul Ryan,Speaker of The House,said he can not yet support Donald Trump. What the main stream media and politicians don’t want to admit is that Donald Trump does not need Ryan but Paul Ryan needs Donald Trump. Ryan not supporting Trump just makes his argument of being an outsider even stronger. Without the support of Trump and his die hard followers Ryan will soon be out of office. Even Senator McCain has weakly come out in support of Trump and even admitted he is in the fight of his life because of Trump. The reason McCain and many others are in the fight of their lives is because millions of voters will not support you if you don’t support Trump. The people have spoken loudly-they want change! Anyone standing in the way of that change is about to get rolled over. The winds of change is brewing in our country. Not since 1776 has there been such a revolution. People talk about the race riots of the 1960’s but that was nothing compared to what we are about to see in this country. Sadly for the politicians in office today they suffer from what our founding fathers did in 1776. People don’t want to admit it but our country was set up by a group of elitist. Every one of our founding father,with no exceptions,were business men and many had old family money. They were not about to let their family fortunes rest on the votes of some stupid farmers in the country. Our political system was set up so the poor middle class had no real power or say in who ran our country. After over 200 years of this system the American people are revolting. The common man is about to take their country back,and people like Paul Ryan do not like it. Will Donald Trump become the next President of the United States? Yes he will. Will the Republicans lose control of Congress? Probable. Will the country and world be better in 4 years from now. Absolutely!!

The Phone Call

Have you ever saw someone and thought they were just perfect for you? And then talked on the phone and realized they were a total 0? Well that happened to me recently. I messaged a girl on POF who was just perfect. 30 years old,tall,blonde,a school teacher,no kids and looking to settle down and have a family. Perfect on paper right? So we texted and then decided to talk on the phone. I think I got about 3 words in the whole time. She kept talking and talking and talking and talking…..and talking some more. She never asked anything about me and I could barely add anything to the conversation. Worst part was nothing she talked about was of interest. She was just…well….boring! Maybe this is why people text now a days. So we don’t have to actually learn about someone. We can hide behind a text and not really show our true personality. And back to the dating websites I go. The story of a single guy’s life :(

Can You Buy Love?

Recently in my online search for a girlfriend I have started turning to some of the sugar daddy websites like I started to think one of my problems might be that on all of these free dating sites like I am only running into the girls that want the hot young military guys. So I thought hey since I am older and own my own businesses I would try some sugar daddy websites. I created my profile specifically telling people that I was looking for a long term relationship with a girl that wanted to be treated like a princess by an older guy. Now to be honest I have gotten a huge amount of response. But sadly I talk to these girls for a few days and then they ghost like girls from the other dating websites. It seems like on these sites I am meeting more girls but they still don’t want a serious relationship. They just want some cash to pay bills with no attachment. So I guess the girls on the sugar daddy websites are no better or no worse then the free dating sites. They all have the same attitude…they want what I call a cookie cutter man. What I mean by that is they want a guy in their mid to late 20s,lots of muscles,tatoos and a bad ass attitude. They take no consideration into whats inside. They don’t ask if the guys is a nice guy or if he is dependable or can support a girl and a family. They just want the looks. So many vain people…but I keep searching for my future girlfriend..I just wish she would stop hiding on me!

Why Do Girls Ghost?

I just found a name for what I have been going through with this whole online dating thing-it’s called Ghosting. What that means is you talk to someone for a little while,everything seems to be going well and then they “Poof!” disappear,become a ghost. This has been happening to me for like ever now. I thought it was me until I read an article about it this morning. A college did a study on it and they found out that women ghost much more then men-almost 10 to 1 if you can believe that! To give you an example: I had been talking to a woman off one of the many dating sites I am on. She is 32ish,has a child,divorced,smoking hot and lives in Rochester NY which is about 2 hours from where I live. We talked texting and over the phone for about 5 days. Everything was great. We had the same interests,wanted the same things and was making plans to meet. And then “Poof!” she disappeared. She stopped texting,stopped returning text…just ghosted! I still saw her online on the dating site,still see her posting on her Facebook so obviously ISIS didn’t kidnap her. I texted her for a couple days and then finally sent a text saying “Well I guess you lost interest. I won’t keep bothering you” She never responded back. This is one story that has probable happened to me 75 times or more over the last couple years. And until I read the article this morning about Ghosting I thought it was me. Maybe I was doing something wrong. But now I am beginning to think it isn’t me. Maybe women are just flaky as hell. Maybe a majority of the women on these dating sites don’t actually want a guy. Maybe women just naturally play games. Oh well..the life of a single guy!

The 2 Point Rule

I was watching a movie last night-She Is Out Of My League-and they were talking about the 2 point rule. The more I thought about it the more I realized it was true. Now for those of you that don’t know what the 2 point rule is-the 2 point rule means you will never date anyone that is more then 2 points hotter then you are. Everyone is a score of 1 to 10. For me,being honest, I am a 5 to a 6 depending on the day. That means I could never date anyone higher then a 7 or 8. I was thinking about it and its true. I have never dated or even been given the time of day by anyone hotter then a 7. A lot of people,woman specifically, don’t want to admit everyone has a rating but the fact is we all do. Even if we don’t want to admit it we all look at someone and even if we don’t say it out loud we rate that person on the 1 to 10 hotness scale. What I find funny is looking back some of these 8,9 and 10s that never gave me the time of day ended up dating total losers. Many ended up getting pregnant and left to raise the kids alone. Now if they had just given me a chance they would have lived happily ever after. But they just would not date a 5. So the lesson here is if your a 9 or 10 try to give a 5 a chance. But be careful because if you do then you might just find yourself living happily ever after and not able to complain on Facebook about the losers you are dating.

Being Single Might Have Saved My Life

Have you ever watched a horror movie where a couple is laying in bed-usually after having sex-the couple hears something and the guy gets up,goes out to investigate and gets killed? Sure you have-because it is in every horror movie. If the guy had not tried to be a hero and show off for his girl he would still be alive. Anyway,last night about 3am I wake up and hear something outside the front door scratching. I live out in the country so it could have been a raccoon or a coyote. I lay there wondering if I should get up and go check things out. Now if I had a girlfriend or wife laying next to me I would have had no option. I would have had to get up to show how brave and strong I was. I could have went out and found out it was indeed a raccoon or coyote or I could have ran into a serial killer and made the headlines this morning. But nope I lay there and waited. The noise stopped. Either the animal decided to go look for food some where else or the killer figured out a single guy lived at this house and moved down the street to find a house with a married couple. No matter being single might just have saved my life last night! So I would like to thank all of the shallow women out there that have blown me off,ditched me or just ignored me. You saved my life last night! THANKS :)

The Call Out Of The Blue

Being a single guy you tend to get calls from people right out of the blue for no reason-but of course they always have a reason. What I mean is every now and then a girl I have not talked to in a while will text or call me right out of the blue. This is something a guy with a girlfriend doesn’t have to deal with. All the time you are texting the girl or talking on the phone you wonder why she has contacted after so long. And there always seems to be a reason-usually because she wants money. I got one of these calls last night. A girl that I have known for about ten years,and has not texted me in about 2 months just sent me a text. Now she moved from Upstate NY a couple years ago,but she still contacts me when she wants something. Usually dangling a carrot that she is sick of the losers she has been dating and wants to move back to NY and live with me. The last time she texted me she said she wanted this item that was for sale on Amazon for $200. I said sure I would buy it for her,to give me her address and I would go online and order it and have it sent to her. She never responded. She just wanted me to Western Union her the money so she could use it for God knows what. So anyway,she asked if she could call me and I said sure. We were talking on the phone…she was telling me about the new mini van she just bought and how she could drive out to see me now. She asked how much I thought I would need to send her for gas money. I told her to give me her address and I would check Mapquest in the morning and see how far it was. I of course have not checked and am just waiting for her to message me this morning asking when I am going to Western Union her money. The correct answer is I am not! As soon as I send her the money she will disappear for a few more months and only reappear when she needs something else. Maybe by the time she sends me a text in a couple months wanting something I will have a girlfriend and she can tell her to get lost. The life of a single guy!

What Did I Just See At Walmart

Now I go to Walmart a lot. Their prices are great and they usually have anything I want. I have saw some strange people at Walmart but yesterday really took the cake. I was pushing my cart through the frozen food section. There was this older guy-probable about 50ish- and a younger girl-probable about 25ish. They obviously were together. He had his arms around her waste and occasionally they would stop and kiss. Ok that’s fine. No big deal there. About 15 minutes later I was over on the other side of the store and saw this same guy with an older woman-probable in her 50s-and they were kissing and hugging also. Well I figured it was not the same guy. As I was checking out who comes behind me in line-this guy,the older lady and the younger girl. I heard the younger girl say “Hey mom can I go to “some names” house tonight?” The lady said “no your father needs the car.” So um what exactly was going on here? Was this guy their boyfriend? Was this guy the step father? Or worse real father? I of course never asked but will always wonder. Who were these people? And what do they live like? Does the mother know her daughter is having an affair with this guy? The life of a single guy.

I Got A Message On Plenty of Fish Today

I signed on to my POF account today and suddenly saw I had 1 message. It became like Christmas trying to figure out who might have messaged me back. I usually message 10 to 20 girls a day introducing myself. I clicked on messages and what did I read? A message saying “Why don’t you have more pictures?” Now first I have three very clear pictures on my profile so I see no reason to post more. What can you really learn from some pictures? The thing that was amazing is that the message was from a 32 year old woman who is-I am trying to be nice at this point-rather large and rather unattractive. I mean don’t get me wrong I am no super model. On a scale of 1 to 10 I am probable an easy 6 to a hard 7. But this lady is a hard 2 with no question. And she is wanting more pictures of me?! The sad thing is if she had sent me a nice friendly message introducing herself I would have talked to her and got to know her. Looks and size are not everything. But this chick obviously has no intention of meeting a guy off this site. She just wants to troll and play games. I get messages like this once in a while. I just sit back in my chair and think “what is wrong with me?!” But then I think maybe its not me. Maybe its everyone else. Maybe people aren’t looking for a serious relationship anymore. Maybe my future wife isn’t out there. And then I take a deep breath and start searching POF for my future wife again. She has to be out there…just has to be!